So there’s this website called which offers a voice to young conservatives in the USA.

They say about themselves…

“We are not a news organization. Phew, glad that’s off our chests!

Who are we? We are a bunch of college students who are tired of the liberal idiocy that is our academic climate. We decided to create this blog, post archive, thing – whatever we are – in order to expose what we go through on a daily basis. We don’t get paid for this and we probably never will.”


On the 20th of July  loneconservative posted a piece called “Twitter Doesn’t Get what Milo Yiannopoulous Means to Young People

If you haven’t heard about Milo Yiannopoulous, he’s the peroxide blonde Katie Hopkins impersonator whose two claims to fame are he doesn’t like Leslie Jones in Ghostbusters and he got banned from Twitter.

From my horribly biased, liberal left wing standpoint he seems like a nasty little self aggrandizing racist but I may well be wrong about that.

There has been a range of responses to darling Milo’s banning but loneconservative’s contributor Kenny Xu wrote this article which seemed a little confused, sort of claiming it was an attack on free speech and at the same time saying Twitter can do what they want. Take a look if you like, but be clear the article is firmly in support of Milo and “free speech”.

I thought I’d leave a comment (text of which is at the bottom of this post) just to flag up the in consistency of kenny’s position.

Unusually for me and in the spirit of reasonableness I was only a little bit sarcastic and didn’t use and swear words.

And here’s the kicker………………………………………………….



They censored me!


(They didn’t post my comment, at the time there was just one supportive comment on the article there are now several and one questioning it.)



Now, to be clear, they’re sort of a private organisation, they can do EXACTLY what they want and I will leave it to the judgement of the  public as to whether their behavior may be a tiny bit hypocritical?

For the record I doubt Kenny disallowed the comment, it will more likely have been site owner/founder Kassy Dillon who personally had this to say about Milo…



For the record my original Comment…


Interesting article Kenny. Cards on the table, I’m fairly left wing, pretty liberal AND British I hope your readers don’t already hate me. 😉


There does seem to be a bit of a contradiction in your argument here though, (and certainly in the minds of your commenters) is this a free speech issue?


I am very concerned about the examples of tweeting and social media posting where police have got involved as that seems to at least get very close to a Freedom of speech issue. People’s right to say what they want, however unpalatable, without threat of arrest or prosecution. (Even then though I think we all know you’re not allowed to incite violence) BUT Twitter banning people doesn’t seem to be a free speech issue to me, as you say they are a private company (publisher) the like of which have ALWAYS been able to choose who and what they publish. We have a right to say what we like but no right to have access to any platform we like. This blurring of the free speech argument (however frustrated conservatives may be) does a disservice to you as it makes you too easy to shut down.


Twitter is probably owned and run by lefty liberals but (for example) Fox news, news Corp, the Daily Mail and the Sun (here in the UK) certainly aren’t and they are definitely winning the global race for power at the moment, I wouldn’t worry too much. Love and hugs from here on the left.