This is me, or at least one version of me, sometimes I may wear a t-shirt and sit in a cinema.

It’s obviously very hard to write these without sounding ridiculous. (The internet is no help, as it only tells you what to write if you’re a web designer! Thanks internet.)

I am many things……..

I am a writer, I am quite tall,  I am a film critic, I am a football manager, I am a husband, I am prone to verbosity, I am a league title winner, I am a marketing professional, I am a movie lover, I am a ninja, I am a bit arthritic in my left foot, I am a Radio show contributor, I am a bit older than I used to be, I am a  creative, I am a resident of Cambridge, I am a designer of submarines, I am worried that people read the Daily Mail, I am cycling proficient, I am an atheist, I am a Cambridge United supporter, I am a playwright, I am tired of writing “I am”

Finally, I am not, two of those things.